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I started collecting these weblinks as a first year radiology resident at the University of Cincinnati. I initially created this site for personal use, but wanted to share the information with my fellow residents. If you find any good sites for me to add, have comments about the site, or anything else related, please feel free to email me at jason(at) Follow us on twitter or friend us on facebook using Rad Residents or jason(at)

Enjoy the site.

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Radiology Links (Updated 8/18/2010)

Mayo Clinic Intranet
Department of Radiology Homepage
Residents and Fellows Homepage
Carman Library
Virtual Workstation

University of Cincinnati Intranet
McKesson Thin Client
McKesson Thinner Client - Use for Exporting Images
In-House Paging System
Useful Numbers
AmIOn UC Call schedules
RadVu (Use Internet Explorer)

Good General Links
MyPACS (Searchable Image Database)
YottaLook (Searchable Image Database)
ARRS Goldminer (Searchable Image Database)
RadsWIKI (Sample dictations, case examples, etc)
The Radiology Assistant (Good Intro Stuff)
ACR Case in Point
RadQuiz Resources
CHORUS - Look up anything in radiology
Radiology Links on the Web
Aids to Differential Diagnosis (Google Books Online)
Medical images by organ, pathology, and procedure
Medical Videos

Cross Sectional Anatomy of the Entire Body
MR, CT, & CR anatomy
MR MSK Anatomy (Use Internet Explorer)
Anatomy Wiz
Segmental Liver Anatomy
Instant Anatomy
Thoracic Anatomy
Anatomy Atlases
Human Anatomy (Dartmouth)

Imaging Basics
UVA Online Introduction to Imaging
On-Call Radiology Primer
Signs in Radiology
Harvard/Caregroup Radiology Residency Basics
Creighton Radiology
Introduction to CXR
Radiology for Medical Students

UCSD Radiology (Teaching Files, Normal Anatomy, Guides for Spectroscopy, etc)
Mallinckrodt Myelography Guide
Mallinckrodt Neuroangiography Guide
Mallinckrodt Neuroradiology Cases
NeuroAnatomy Guide
Cerebral Angiography Anatomy (Use Internet Explorer)
Neuroradiology Portal
The Navigable Atlas of the Human Brain
Neck Lymph Node Levels
Spine Nomenclature
Spine Nomenclature (PDF File)
Tooth Identification
Sinus CT Anatomy
Brain Lesion Locator
Dental/Mandible Lesions - Link to PDFs
University of Rochester Neuroradiology Links

Interactive MSK Anatomy
Fractures - Gentili
DDx in MSK - Gentili
Diagnosis in MSK - Gentili
MR MSK Anatomy (Use Internet Explorer)
MRI Shoulder & Knee Anatomy Powerpoint Presentations (Scroll down to Musculoskeletal section)
MSK Blog
Knee Guru
Washington University MSK Cases
DR. K MSK Cases
Shoulder Anatomy - MR & Gross Specimens
Approach to Differential Diagnosis in MSK
Wheeless Fractures
Skeletal Anatomy
UMDNJ Bone Tumors
Stoller Online (Google Books)
MSK Radiology Notes

Teaching Files
London South Bank Univ. Case Log
UH Cleveland
U Washington
Scottish Radiological Society

Society of Thoracic Radiology - Educational Presentations
MGH Nodule Guidelines
RadPath Correlation

Intro to Cardiac MRI
Cardiac MRI Anatomical Atlas
Approach to Pediatric Congenital Heart Disease
CXR Congenital Heart Disease
Congenital Heart Disease (Yale)
Cardiothoracic Imaging (Yale)

ER - Harris & Harris Online

Medical Videos (View Procedures section)
IR History and Study Information (MS Word file)

Nuclear Medicine
Mallinckrodt NUCS cases
Nuclear Medicine & NRC Tutorials
Radquiz NUCS cases
U Kansas NUCS
Royal United Hospital NUCS Cases
AuntMinnie NUCS
Radiation Regulations

Introduction to Emergency Ultrasound
Sonoworld Cases
Fetal Ultrasound

Pediatric Radiology
Neonatal CXR (
Cleveland Clinic Pediatric Radiology
Image Gently Pediatric Protocols

Interactive Cases
BI-RADS Classification

Radiation Dosimetry & Calculators
Fetal Dose estimator
Chest or Abdominal CT dose estimator

Radiology Physics
Radiology Physics from Radquiz
Physics and Technology of Medical Imaging
Huda Tests Online
The Basics of MRI Sequences
MRI Basics
MRI Tutor
MRI Safety
Physics of Radiography
Principles of Computerized Tomographic Imaging (Entire book on PDF)

Differential Diagnosis & Online Books
Dahnert Radiology Review Manual Online
Reeder & Felson's Gamuts in Radiology (Google Books)
Differential Diagnosis in CT (Google Books)
Differential Diagnosis in MR (Google Books)

CT Artifacts (PDF Document)

ICD-9 Codes
Online Radiology Journals

CME Meetings List

Radiology Jobs
Aunt Minnie Career Center

Dr. Dalai PACS blog
PACS-aholic blog
PACSworld blog

Other Interesting Radiology Links
Ohio State Radiological Society RFS

RadzGirl blog
A Radiology Geek's Blog
Not Totally Rad
Top Radiology News

UC Radiology Resident's Corner

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Radiation in Pregnancy

These numbers are related to fetal dose and were presented at the 2008 ARRS Meeting by Mark Bernstein, MD from NYU. This was presented within "Imaging of Traumatic Injuries in Pregnancy."

In general, <5 rads is negligible.

C spine Xray - undetectable
Chest Xray - <0.0001 rad
Pelvic Xray - 0.2 rad
Head CT - <0.05 rad
Chest CT - <0.5 rad
Abd/Pelvis Ct - 3-5 rad

Link to webpage with information on Pregnancy and Radiation Exposure

Friday, August 03, 2007

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Fleischner Pulmonary Nodule Guidelines

Note.—Newly detected indeterminate nodule in persons 35 years of age or older.

* Average of length and width.

{dagger} Minimal or absent history of smoking and of other known risk factors.

{ddagger} History of smoking or of other known risk factors.

§ The risk of malignancy in this category

Link to Article

Saturday, November 11, 2006

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